Success Story: Pele

Success Story: Pele

Hello, my name’s Pele, and I’m a 7-year-old Pit Bull. My human and I have been experiencing homelessness in and around the Santa Ana area, living in our car and sometimes in a tent for over a year. Despite the hardships, we’ve always stayed strong for each other.

One terrifying day, I was shot. My human rushed me to the emergency veterinary hospital. The exam revealed that I needed surgery to remove my eye. The estimate for the surgery was way beyond what my human could afford, and we were both very scared.

While my human waited anxiously, a kind receptionist told her about an organization called Feeding Pets of the Homeless that might be able to help. My human got their number and called immediately. Despite it being late in the day, a case manager completed an intake for us. She informed my human that additional funding would be needed because the estimate was so high, and she also provided some other resources just in case.

Throughout the night, my human worked tirelessly, calling around to find more help. In the morning, our case manager called with great news. They had received our homelessness verification and we could proceed with the surgery. Even better, my human had found another organization willing to assist with funding the operation.

Our wonderful case manager contacted the vet’s office and spoke with the amazing veterinary doctor at the local pet hospital. He generously reduced the estimate from $4,000 to $2,000, saying, “Anything in the name of charity.” Thanks to his kindness and the incredible support from Feeding Pets of the Homeless, their donors and the Animal Assistance League, I was able to get the surgery I desperately needed.

The surgery was successful, my eye was removed, and I’m now on the road to recovery, feeling like the happiest dog in the world. I am so grateful to Feeding Pets of the Homeless for contributing $1,500 towards my care, and to the Animal Assistance League for contributing $500. A huge thank you also goes to everyone at the pet hospital in Santa Ana for making this possible.

To all the donors and animal lovers out there, thank you for your support. You are the reason pets like me get a second chance at life. Your generosity and compassion make an incredible difference.

-Pele 🐾


Pele’s story is a testament to the power of compassion and its impact on those in need. They may be just one dog, but to their owner, they are their world. Your support doesn’t just change lives – it saves them. Together, we can ensure that pets like Pele receive the care they deserve, no matter their obstacles. Donate today!

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