Everyone wants a healthy pet – they give us unconditional love and comfort. No pet should go hungry or suffer.

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Our Programs

Pet Food Donation Sites

Feeding Pets of the Homeless® has hundreds of volunteer pet food donation site members who support our objective of collecting pet food and pet 

supplies. They are working with local food banks, pantries, soup kitchens and homeless shelters who have agreed to distribute the pet food to the homeless and disadvantaged in their communities.

Wellness Clinics

This nationwide program is free and serves pet owners who are homeless or qualify for low-income services. Every clinic is held at a location that already serves the homeless population, often a food pantry. Feeding Pets of the Homeless® sponsors and partners with veterinarians across the county to provide these free clinics. This partnership is based on the veterinarian and technicians donating their time and expertise and Feeding Pets of the Homeless® underwriting costs of medical supplies. The clinics typically offer: vaccinations, basic exams, minor treatment and medications, vouchers for spay or neuter surgeries, nail trimmings, ear cleaning.

Many Homeless

Many homeless insist that “their animal companion is their best friend and oxygen without whom life wouldn’t be worth living.” What pets need most is human
companionship, they don’t need a house. They love, adore and protect their owners.

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Emergency Care Program

For the general population, the life of a homeless
individual is unfathomable. For a homeless individual with a pet, life is hard, and choices few, but watching their pet suffer is unbearable.

Pet Crates

The bond between the pet and its homeless owner is deep and soulful. Homeless individuals tell us that their pets offer them unconditional companionship. Their pets, just like your pet, offers them comfort, loyalty and love in the form of licks and wagging tails. Research has reported that an animal’s response is independent of its owner age, or economic circumstance. Owners say their pets “cover their backs” when they sleep in abandoned buildings, ditches and in the woods. To break the homeless cycle requires the owner to move into a shelter. Most shelters do not allow pets unless they are a service animal. Homeless pet owners will not abandon their pet and do not have the funds to board the pet. We offer crates to shelters that will allow a pet to stay with the owner. The agency orders the crates on-line and has the crate shipped directly to the shelter at no cost to the pet owner or shelter. The crate becomes property of the shelter for future use.



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