Success Story “Stormy”

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Success Story “Stormy”

Pets of the Homeless received a call from a homeless man and woman who live in their camper on the streets of Carson City, NV with their dog, Stormy, a 12-year-old female Pit Bull Terrier.  Stormy was having a tough time having a bowel movement, with a small amount of diarrhea at times, and needed her rabies vaccination updated.  We approved an examination at our local participating veterinarian’s office.

An examination showed that Stormy was in bad shape and was experiencing pyometra.  The veterinarian was unsure if Stormy would survive.   Pyometra is a common infection of the uterus in older female dogs who are not spayed. Emergency surgery was necessary to save Stormy’s life.  Pets of the Homeless approved the maximum allowable benefit to assist with Stormy’s surgery.  The veterinarian donated over $850 worth of services to help Stormy.  Pyometra surgery is the removal of the uterus.    This included pre-op bloodwork, multiple injections, antibiotics, pain, etc. as well as, anesthesia inhalation, iv catheter and fluids, EKG, blood pressure,  oxygen and fluid monitoring, prep for major surgery, surgical packs, surgery, electrocautery, sutures, biohazard waste, bair hugger and warming blanket, and special food.

Stormy’s guardian called to say thank you and that Pets of the Homeless saved his dog’s life.  He was so appreciative and the hospital was great to work with.


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