Success Story: Whodababy

Success Story: Whodababy

I am Whodababy, a 4-year-old male Australian Shepherd. I reside in California with my dad. We call a tent our home, and my dad does odd jobs, like mowing lawns, to provide for us. I am his unwavering companion, and our bond is unbreakable. Together, we explore the world on foot, as we have no car.
But one day, when my ear started throbbing with pain, my dad faced a dilemma. He recalled a lady we met while mowing lawns who happened to work at a nearby veterinarian’s clinic. Determined to help me, my dad invested his last $100 to have my ear examined at the clinic. The diagnosis was a severe ear infection. Yet, there was no money left for treatment. My dad was determined to save up from his odd jobs for a procedure called cytology, an ear cleaning, and the necessary medication.
Then, fate intervened. The compassionate lady we’d met, who worked at the veterinarian’s office, informed us about Feeding Pets of the Homeless. She graciously allowed my dad to use her phone to contact them, and on the very same day, we were approved for their program. Not stopping there, the lady generously offered us a ride to the vet in her car the following day for treatment.
What an extraordinary treat for me! At the clinic, I received the care I needed, thanks to the support from Feeding Pets of the Homeless. They covered $410 worth of services, and now, I am on the path to recovery. Once again, I am the energetic, helpful companion to my dad, and above all, I am his closest friend.
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