Success Story: Stoney

Success Story: Stoney

Today, 8/26/22 is #NationalDogDay! We want to share one of the many success stories of pets we help each year.
A man has been homeless for about five months after he got separated from his wife. He could not find a place of his own due to the COVID pandemic.
At first, he was living on the streets wherever he could or asking if he could spend the night at a friend’s or a church nearby. For the past 3 weeks, his ex-wife let him stay a few nights due to his companion animal, Stoney, being pregnant and giving birth soon.
A week and a half passed and Stoney gave birth to seven puppies, unfortunately, one puppy passed away a day later. Stoney was not doing well after she had given birth, she was very sick and seemed to be having some bleeding and diarrhea.
Due to Stoney not being well, she was not nurturing the pups as she should. He tried getting help for her on his own but could only pay $60 towards almost $200 for an exam and medications. That’s when he called Feeding Pets of the Homeless for assistance.
Stoney’s owner completed the intake and had a human resource woman give us a call for verification.
Once approved his case manager called around to find where Stoney would be able to be seen right away. His case manager did try the hospital he had taken her to but unfortunately, they could not see her until the balance was paid for. He had given everything he had on the day of that visit.
His case manager found a partner emergency clinic that was able to see her. The hospital performed several diagnostics and he received meds. Stoney had an infection in her vulva that needed to be treated and she needed de-wormer medications. Luckily, the diarrhea was controlled but she could not take antibiotics due to her nursing.
He updated his case manager and said she was starting to look more like herself. She was finally nursing and he promised to do his best to get her back to a 100% healthy momma.
We hope she and her litter are doing well. Feeding Pets of the Homeless was able to contribute $550 towards her care. Her owner was very thankful for people like us helping people like him. Thank you to our donors and the hospitals who do their best to help these pets and their owners.

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