Success Story: Rogue

Success Story: Rogue

One of our clients had a unique experience that brought him into homelessness. He became homeless from a scam. He was offered a job in Oregon and left the home he shared with a friend. Turns out the job was not real.
As a result, he did not have a lot of money because he thought he was getting this job and a place to live from the person who offered him the job. He has been living out of his vehicle for a month now.
Not only did he lose his place, job, and money, but his companion Rogue, a four-year-old pit bull, was starting to have issues. Since he didn’t have sufficient funds to help her get the care she needed, he started asking around and looking online for assistance.
He got our name and number from a person in Oregon who helps give resources to people in need. He called Feeding Pets of the Homeless to speak with a case manager to see if he qualifies for assistance.
A case manager had called him back and completed an intake and homeless verification was approved.
A case manager called the closest ER hospital to them, and it was about 30-45 minutes away. The exam for Rogue was approved and since he has a vehicle, he was able to take her to the ER right away.
Rogue had been showing symptoms of not eating, not being very active and very hot to the touch. Rogue hadn’t had her vaccinations and was not spayed.
During the exam, the doctor found that Rogue had a foreign body and needed surgery to remove it. Another organization was contacted by Rogue’s owner and they were going to help him complete the funds for Rogue’s surgery at a different hospital!
Feeding Pets of the Homeless contributed $1,297 towards Rogue’s care and we are happy to hear she got her surgery done and is doing much better than before!
Joe was so thankful that there are organizations like us and that there are people who donate to organizations like this to help the homeless.

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