Success Story: Nala

Success Story: Nala

“I have been homeless for the past three years due to the COVID-19 situation. I have been bouncing around places to stay, I find it hard to find a place to stay or a shelter due to having Nala, a 10-year-old Shih Tzu, as my companion.
I have been staying at a shelter in Pomona, CA for the past four months, where I met Dawn; my friend who referred me to your organization. My little Nala is suffering from bladder stones.
I couldn’t afford to care for her due to not having money, so here I am calling for help. I love her so dearly and she has been with me in the very lowest of living. I cannot afford to lose the one thing I have left.”
Nala has been suffering from bladder stones and was in dire pain. She was initially examined at a pet health center and that is where they found that she was suffering from bladder stones.
Due to Veronica experiencing homelessness and not having the available funds she could not get the treatment or surgery Nala needed to get better. She contacted our office to see if she qualifies for assistance for Nala.
During intake with their designated case manager, homeless verification was provided very quickly.
Once the homeless verification was complete, Veronica’s case manager tried to contact the hospital she had initially had Nala seen. The office manager was out of the office so the surgery was not performed at their original veterinary hospital.
Veronica’s case manager called around to veterinary hospitals that same day to see who was able to perform surgery for Nala. Luckily, their case manager found a 24 Hour Emergency Hospital that could perform surgery the very next day.
The case manager pre-approved the exam and waited for the hospital’s doctor to contact her with a plan. They confirmed what the original hospital had diagnosed. Nala did indeed have bladder stones.
The hospital doing the surgery estimated the cost to be over $4,500. Once their case manager communicated with the hospital the monetary limit of our services, they were generous enough to take what we could give and perform the surgery along with two days of hospitalization for this fur baby to recover.
Feeding Pets of the Homeless contributed $2,500 towards Nala’s care. The owner was very appreciative and will pass the good word to those who need assistance.
It couldn’t have been done without our communities donations and the hospital’s wonderful generosity to discount services for this fur baby to have a better chance in life!

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