Success Story: Molly

Molly a pit bull-Feeding Pets of the Homeless

Success Story: Molly

A man living in his vehicle for the past 6 years in Santa Cruz, CA called Feeding Pets of the Homeless for his injured pup, Molly.
He is currently employed and receives food stamps.
When he went into the convenience store he left his female 4-year-old Pitbull in the vehicle. While he was in the store someone threw a molotov cocktail in the window of the vehicle starting Molly on fire.
Molly was severely burned on her side.
The owner called Feeding Pets of the Homeless looking for assistance with Molly’s care she would need. An intake was completed and homeless verification was provided. Molly was taken to a Partner Veterinary Specialist. She was suffering from smoke inhalation along with a very serious burn on her side.
She would need to be hospitalized with pain medication, to receive skin grafts and daily bandage changes to prevent infection. Care for Molly would be around $200 a day for the next two weeks.
Feeding Pets of the Homeless contributed $2,500 towards care.
Our client no longer had a vehicle due to the fire and was unable to transport Molly to the hospital for daily bandage changes himself. An Officer with Santa Cruz County Animal Control offered to drive Molly to the vet daily for the next two weeks to be certain she received the care she needed. Molly successfully completed her two weeks of bandage changes thanks to the kindness of others. We wish her all the best in her recovery!
Molly a pit bull-Feeding Pets of the Homeless
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