Success Story: Mary Jane

Success Story: Mary Jane

Success Story: Mary Jane

A man in Las Vegas has been living in the back end of an abandoned rig for the past eight years. He adopted a beautiful German Shepherd from an animal foundation and named her Mary Jane.

Mary Jane is now six years old and has been alongside her owner through everything. He called Feeding Pets of the Homeless seeking assistance for veterinary services for Mary Jane after she had been hit by a vehicle that damaged one of her legs.

As soon as this happened, her owner acted fast. He went to the pound where he was able to get the staff to perform an exam. During the examination of Mary Jane’s leg, they realized that she needed more care than just an exam and a cast. They found out her owner was experiencing homelessness and did not have the funds to be able to pay for the care Mary Jane needed.

The staff at the pound had given him our number and other resources to seek assistance. While the staff placed a small cast on Mary Jane’s leg, her owner started calling to get the support necessary for his pet. He called us where we completed an intake and he provided us pictures via text message of his living situation.

His homeless verification was approved and his case manager was able to get an exam pre-authorized at one of the many hospitals that we have the pleasure of working with.

Mary Jane ended up having a fractured ulna and radius and needed surgery to be performed to repair her leg.

Feeding Pets of the Homeless contributed $2,000 towards the surgery. Our Partner Animal Hospital was generous enough to give us a $500 discount and got Mary Jane feeling better.

Another pet saved by Feeding Pets of the Homeless and our generous donors!!

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