Success Story: Marley

Success Story: Marley

Marley’s owner has been living on the streets of Clovis, CA for the past 16 months. She is disabled and receives disability benefits and food stamps. Marley is her 4-year-old female Pitbull companion. After being hit by a car, Marley’s leg was severely broken. Her owner took Marley to an emergency hospital but had no money to pay for treatment.
The following day she contacted Feeding Pets of the Homeless for assistance.
A case manager conducted an intake, homeless verification was completed, and they were approved for treatment at a partner animal hospital.
Following Marley’s exam, x-rays, sedation, bloodwork, splint, and medications it was clear that she needed an amputation of the leg due to the damage.
Feeding Pets of the Homeless approved $855 for diagnostics and $1,145 for amputation. The hospital was generous to provide over $840 in discounts.
After her amputation surgery, the staff at our partner hospital shared that Marley was a total sweetheart post-surgery and very excited to see her owner. “She seems very well loved by her owner.”
Our case manager received this note from Marley’s owner:
“Hi, I want to thank you. Marley’s surgery went really well and the hospital is so wonderful. The care they gave her was impressive and it is such a clean, kind, wonderful facility. I can’t thank you enough, but you helped save her life and keep Marley as part of my family. I will tell everyone I know that they should give their donations to your foundation forever. From our heart, thank you!!! PS. She’s happy to be alive….”
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