Success Story: Layla

Success Story: Layla

Kelly* has been homeless in Vallejo, CA since November 2021 and has been living in her vehicle since then. She parks wherever she can and deems it safe enough for her and her 9-year-old Wooly Malamute. Kelly is also disabled but doesn’t receive disability assistance.
She has been getting by with the assistance of food stamps and a soup kitchen that offers food, showers, laundry and at times lets them stay in their parking lot.
Kelly contacted Feeding Pets of the Homeless for assistance with Layla. Layla had been shaking her head for an entire month along with circling, in pain, and moments of labored breathing.
Upon completion of the intake, Kelly stated she would have the head of the soup kitchen call and verify her living situation and the assistance they give.
The very next day, they called and verified her information, once that was entered into the system Kelly’s case manager started looking for a veterinary hospital in her area. An appointment was made with a Partner Veterinary Hospital.
An examination was performed on Layla and a treatment plan was built and pre-approved for services. Layla’s diagnosis was a chronic ear infection, ear canal stenosis and multiple growths in the ear.
Layla was treated for all of the issues with antibiotics, medications and a special shampoo. Feeding Pets of the Homeless contributed $1,168 towards Layla’s care.

*Name changed to protect privacy

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