Success Story: Kiku

Success Story: Kiku

Our client Sasha* lives in San Francisco, CA in a women’s shelter. She has been homeless for 3 years. She is disabled, uses a wheelchair, and receives SSI and food stamps. She heard about Feeding Pets of the Homeless from another organization.
Kiku is Sasha’s service animal. She is a 13-year-old Miniature Pinscher. Kiku was adopted through the humane society when the client’s other pet had died and Kiku’s previous owner had passed away. Kiku was having problems with her ears. Feeding Pets of the Homeless received homeless verification and they were approved for an exam with a veterinarian.
After the examination, the veterinarian gave Kiku some antibiotics. After a week of medications, they had a second visit where Kiku had bloodwork done and more medications were given. On the third visit, different medications were given for Kiku’s ears. We paid $502 for the treatments. If the medications don’t work, Kiku may need a biopsy which would be around $1,200. This biopsy would put Kiku over our limit with Feeding Pets of the Homeless. We shared resources with Sasha to be able to look for additional funds to help with the biopsy and surgery if needed.
The client expressed her gratitude for helping her during this rough time. She is eternally grateful for Feeding Pets of the Homeless being able to help her with these veterinary bills. She has sent her case manager numerous pictures of Kiku and herself.
*Name changed for privacy
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