Success Story: Kiki

Success Story: Kiki

After finding our website, a man contacted us because his 10-year-old neutered Siamese Cat, Kiki, was not eating very well, and was crying from a lot of pain due to dental issues and losing weight because of it.

He is a 64 year old disabled Vietnam Veteran that has been homeless for approximately five years living in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.  He lives in a motorhome that has no electricity, gas or water on condemned property with permission from the owners.   He does have propane to keep him and his animals warm. He is not on food stamps, Medicare, Social Security or any other programs because he does not like asking for help.  He does not have any family except for the two cats that used to be feral and a Chihuahua that ended up on his doorstep about six months ago.

After homeless verification was provided, we approved an examination at a partner veterinary clinic.  Upon completion of the examination, it was determined that bloodwork needed to be done, an FLV test and 3 vaccines were needed. The bloodwork came back that Kiki had an infection in her mouth and so they put her on antibiotics for a few weeks to calm the situation down until they could perform much needed teeth extractions.  Kiki was seen 2 weeks later for her follow-up appointment.  X-rays, IV catheter, injectable medications, anesthesia, dental cleaning and 35 extractions were performed and Feeding Pets of the Homeless contributed $992.  We received $1200 in discounts from our compassionate veterinary provider. 

Kiki did wonderful during the surgery.  Her owner later reported to us that Kiki is so much healthier and happier and that he greatly appreciated our help.  He stated that our team contacted him right away, were very professional and courteous and that we have “a good thing going on that is helping many, people and animals.”

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