Success Story: Cali

Success Story: Cali

A man has been homeless for the past year after losing his job during the Covid-19 pandemic. He has been living in a tent with his dog California whom he calls “Cali”, an 8-year-old Blue Nose Terrier. He only receives food stamps for assistance and has a girlfriend who helps him out when she can.
When Cali got sick, they had to start couch surfing with a friend because Cali was having bloody discharge and it had a very foul odor. The man wasn’t very familiar with resources of who can assist with pets for homeless owners. He also did not know much about dogs to know what could be wrong with her. He found Feeding Pets of the Homeless (FPOTH) in his search for answers.
Cali had been having bloody and foul-smelling discharge, drinking tons of water, and then vomiting it back up. She also had symptoms of being lethargic, especially due to the loss of blood.
He was very afraid for Cali; he loves her very much and has since the moment he took her as his own. When he found FPOTH he reached out immediately. A case manager completed an intake with him over the phone. Once homeless verification was approved, his case manager moved quickly to find an emergency hospital that could see her right away!
He did anything and everything he could to help save her life! Once his case manager pre-approved an exam with a Partner Veterinary Center, he went in right away. During the examination, the doctor determined that Cali had Pyometra, a secondary infection that occurs as a result of hormonal changes in the female’s reproductive tract. Cali needed surgery right away!
Feeding Pets of the Homeless was able to contribute a total of $2,500 towards her care and the hospital was kind enough to give a discount to be able to complete the surgery for her.
Cali’s surgery was performed that very same day and she was hospitalized for a few days. We got good news from her owner who shared that she is recovering quickly and getting back to her normal self. As you can see in the picture provided, she is doing much better and we hope she has a wonderful recovery and gets to be the goofy baby she is!

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