Project Homeless and Family Connect Serves Hundreds

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Project Homeless and Family Connect Serves Hundreds

By: Denise Wong

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – The annual Project Homeless and Family Connect brought dozens of service providers together on Tuesday, January 28, 2020 to connect individuals who may be facing homelessness with some of the resources they need.

“There’s a great need because it’s very difficult for people– once they need services– to get from one point to another point. They may not have the money for the bus and this gives them one way, one location to get it all in one spot,” said Lisa Ross, Director of Community Outreach and Engagement at Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada.

The event took place over three hours in the morning at the downtown Reno Events Center.

In addition to medical care, social services, housing aid and hair cuts, there were opportunities for people’s pets to be checked out. For the sixth year, the organization Feeding Pets of the Homeless took part with the help of veterinarians.

“Doctor Ford and his staff are here providing free services,” said Genevieve Frederick, Founder of Feeding Pets of the Homeless. “We will be paying for the hard costs, all the vaccinations and all he needs to perform a basic exam and vaccinations for all of these pets. These pets are with their owners 24/7 so there’s a big human animal bond that is very important to these people and to these pets.”  (See Story Here)

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