Hertzberg Introduces Bill to Encourage Shelters to House People with Pets

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Hertzberg Introduces Bill to Encourage Shelters to House People with Pets

YubaNet.com 2/20/19

SACRAMENTO February 20, 2019 – Senate Majority Leader Bob Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys) announced that he introduced SB 258, an effort to provide additional shelter options for individuals experiencing homelessness who have pets.

On any given night in California, 130,000 people are without a home. And of those, the state has the highest percentage of unsheltered individuals experiencing homelessness in the country, at slightly under 70 percent, according to data from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

According to Pets of the Homeless, an estimated five to ten percent of the 3.5 million Americans that are experiencing homelessness have dogs or cats. Unfortunately, many of those individuals refuse housing and forego access to services because doing so may require them to abandon their pet. In Los Angeles, only six shelters out of 46 in the region allow pets onsite.

SB 258 allocates $5,000,000 in grants to be distributed to homeless shelters that provide shelter, food, and basic veterinary services to the pets of people experiencing homelessness.  (Read Full Article Here)


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