Fundraising Policy for Feeding Pets of the Homeless®

Feeding Pets of the Homeless® Fundraising Policy

Thank you, we are grateful that you choose to spend time raising funds for us. You are the heart of our organization. It is important that you know how vital you are and the impact you have on pets owned by the homeless.

We wanted to take a moment to talk about monetary fundraising for Feeding Pets of the Homeless® aka: Pets of the Homeless. We want our volunteers and community members to raise funds legally and ethically.

There are a number of platforms that can be used but some of those go to an individual instead of directly to Feeding Pets of the Homeless® that is why we have provided an approved list of platforms.

As a reminder to all of our volunteers, nationwide network partners and communities, this is a list of the necessary steps in fundraising. We are recommending the following:

1. Notify Feeding Pets of the Homeless® Headquarters in Carson City, Nevada about your fundraiser.
2. Choose from our list of approved fundraising platforms.
3. Start your fundraiser.
4. Notify headquarters when your fundraiser is completed to confirm amount raised and discuss recognition preferences.

• Approved Platforms for Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

And use Facebook’s “birthday fundraiser” tool to solicit on behalf of Feeding Pets of the Homeless®

• Workplace Giving – ask your HR department if the company is enrolled in a giving program or matching gifts such as:
United Way
Contact other employees and encourage them to enroll.

• Share other giving websites set up by Feeding Pets of the Homeless®:
Global Giving

• Share Feeding Pets of the Homeless®’ donation page:
Feeding Pets of the Homeless donation page (credit cards go through Donor Perfect)

• Others ways:
A simple way to help is to Spark Good when you shop at Walmart! Support Feeding Pets of the Homeless every time you shop. Donate spare change by automatically rounding up your orders to the nearest dollar at checkout. Sign up to Spark Good!