Success Story: Joe Joe

Success Story: Joe Joe

Hey there, I’m Joe-Joe, a 7-year-old mutt living with my disabled human in our van in Flagstaff, AZ. We’ve been through some tough times, but recently things got really rough for me. I started having stomach issues and trouble urinating, which made it hard for me to walk.
Then, out of nowhere, a kind person noticed my struggle and offered to take me to the vet. My human explained we couldn’t afford treatment. But this amazing person paid for everything. The vet tried treating my stomach problems, but soon I couldn’t even use my back legs properly. They thought it might be something serious, like a disc problem or issues with my prostate. But tests were too expensive for us.
Things looked bleak. My human and the vet talked about euthanasia because I couldn’t even pee on my own. But that kind person who helped us before stepped up again. They found Feeding Pets of the Homeless to help with my upcoming surgery costs.
After being neutered and some medication, I could walk again! I spent a couple of days at the hospital to make sure everything was okay. I’m so thankful for that person’s kindness and the vet’s care. It’s amazing how people can still be so good, even when times are tough.
And guess what? Thanks to their generous donors, Feeding Pets of The Homeless contributed $760 towards my care. I’m one lucky pup!
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