Success Story: Uncle Ben

Success Story: Uncle Ben

My name is Uncle Ben. I am a 10-year-old English Bulldog. I have always had eye issues. My mom is disabled, and we have been living in her car for about two years in the Northern Nevada area. She is on an SSI stipend because of her disability, but it is not enough to maintain permanent housing or financial stability. She receives some social services like food stamps. The stamps do not allow her to purchase dog food, so I eat what she does.
A concerned citizen called animal control when they saw me and my mom in the parking lot of a local grocery store, and the animal control officer went to do a welfare check. At that time, according to the animal control officer, I seemed to be loved and taken care of by my mom despite not having a roof over our heads, so the animal control officer decided to let us stay together. A couple of days later the sheriff’s office called the same animal control officer because my mom had to be transported to the hospital. I was so scared. The animal control officer realized that she knew me and my mom.
The officer with a big heart took me to the animal shelter and decided to call Feeding Pets of the Homeless when she realized I may have an eye infection. The officer let Feeding Pets of the Homeless know she was willing to help transport me to and from the vet and would keep me in the animal shelter until I could be reunited with my mom. I wasn’t sure what would happen to me, but the officer became my friend.
Feeding Pets of the Homeless interviewed my mom while she was in the hospital; they approved $210 in services to help me get better.
My mom agreed to let the officer transport me to and from the vet even though my mom had had some trouble with other animal control officers trying to take me from her. They do not understand that my mom and I have a bond that would devastate us both if we were separated. The officer assured my mom that she was not going to take me from her and that she would keep me safe until we could be reunited.
The veterinarian found I had an ear infection and dry eye at the hospital. The vet prescribed some medication, and I am feeling much better.” – Uncle Ben
What fantastic work the animal control officer is doing with her generous and kind heart. This is a perfect example of empathy and kindness within a community.
The officer wrote us a wonderful thank you note and an update on Uncle Ben:
“I wanted to thank you again for all your help with Ben and his family. I am proud to report that I have just reunited the family back together and they could not be happier. Ben also now has a bed to call his own as well as a big bag of dog food to get him going for a while.”
A happy ending because the community cared enough to take care of both the owner and the animal.

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