Success Story: Tuff

Success Story: Tuff

My name is Tuff. I am a 2-month-old male Pitbull and I live with my human who has been experiencing homelessness for the last 3 years and currently lives in a tent.
Recently, I have been dealing with an allergy issue with my eyes. My owner did not think much of it at first until one day when I woke up, I couldn’t open my eyes. My eyelids were swollen shut. He immediately started to panic and went online on his phone to look for some help.
Fortunately, he was able to come across an organization that helps homeless pets like me, Feeding Pets of the Homeless.
He called and once an intake was completed, an exam was approved immediately. I was able to go see the doctor although I really couldn’t see him, but he evaluated me and a treatment plan was approved which included: an injection, eye ointment, and medications to take with us.
I am forever thankful that there is an organization out there that can assist pets like me.
Feeding Pets of The Homeless contributed a total of $404 towards Tuff’s care thanks to the generosity of our donors. Help more pets like Tuff. Donate today!

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