Success Story: Saphera

Success Story: Saphera

A woman has been homeless for a few months and has been couch-surfing with friends and family when she can. She had been couch-surfing with a friend for two days before she called Feeding Pets of the Homeless for assistance.
She has an eight-month-old German Shepherd-Husky mix named Saphera. The woman called Feeding Pets of the Homeless to complete an intake and get assistance for her dear Saphera.
Saphera was dragging her left hind leg and it also seemed to be bleeding and her owner was unsure as to why this was happening. Saphera was also not eating, barely drinking any water and whimpering.
Once she was able to provide homeless verification, her case manager was able to locate a partner veterinary hospital and pre-approved an exam and set up an appointment time.
They do not have transportation but once she received the veterinary information from her case manager, she was able to get a friend to drive her there.
Saphera was checked in and the doctor performed an exam. Upon the examination, the doctor wanted to do some x-rays on Saphera’s leg to get a better understanding of what was going on.
After they received the x-ray results, the doctor noticed that Saphera had a broken femur. The doctor had many conclusions as to what had happened to Saphera but was unable to pinpoint what had caused her broken femur.
Saphera needed surgery to repair her broken femur. Feeding Pets of the Homeless received an estimate for Saphera’s surgery.
Feeding Pets of the Homeless was able to contribute $2,500 towards Saphera’s surgery and care. Although, that did not cover the full estimate the veterinary hospital was kind enough to cover the remaining balance.
They were all swept off their feet by this beautiful and sweet doggie, and they wanted to help her as much as they could.
The woman was so very thankful for Feeding Pets of the Homeless and the staff at the veterinary hospital for caring so much for her dear companion and contributing towards her care.
Saphera is doing better than ever and we are so glad to give her owner the relief of knowing her companion is on the mend. We are happy to get her furry four-legged friend back on her paws!

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