Success Story: Jello

Success Story: Jello

🐾 Meet Jello! 🐶
I’m Jello, a 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, and I’ve been on quite the journey lately. I live with my loving human and we’ve been staying at an emergency shelter for a few months.
Our incredible social worker there referred us to Feeding Pets of The Homeless, a lifeline for pets like me in need. My mom wasted no time getting in touch with the organization, and after a quick intake, we were on our way to see the vet.
You see, my eye had been causing me some trouble – swelling and blindness had me pretty scared. 😟 But once the doctor examined me, it was clear that there was no saving my eyeball. I had to undergo surgery to have it completely removed.
My surgery was scheduled for a few days later and they made sure I had the medicine and antibiotics I needed to stay comfortable.
I can’t express how grateful I am to Feeding Pets of The Homeless. Despite losing one eye, I’m so thankful for the care I received. I’m looking forward to my new view, even if the adjustment takes some time.
Most importantly, my owner is over the moon with gratitude. Without this organization’s support, covering the cost of such a procedure would have been impossible. We can’t even imagine where I’d be if my condition had worsened.
Feeding Pets of The Homeless stepped in and contributed a total of $1,884 towards my care. Their kindness has made a world of difference in my life, and I’m one happy pup today! 🐾

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