Success Story: Hatch

Hatch is a husky/bull terrier mix sitting in the front seat of a vehicle.

Success Story: Hatch

A woman lives in her van in Crescent City, CA. She has been homeless for 8 years with her male, 8-year-old Husky/Bull Terrier mix named Hatch. He is neutered and has current vaccinations. She is disabled and receives food stamps and general aid. A friend told her about Feeding Pets of the Homeless. Hatch had been experiencing stomach bloating, noises, diarrhea, drooling and fatigue when she reached out.
Feeding Pets of the Homeless received homeless verification and their case manager went to work to find a Partner Veterinary Hospital that could see Hatch.
Once approved the veterinarian performed an initial exam and recommended treatment of a fecal exam, medicines and special food for diarrhea. We approved this treatment for $309.
Hatch’s owner was very appreciative of Feeding Pets of the Homeless and helping her loving companion.

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